Process and Innovation Performance

Synchron Process & Innovation Performance services help clients become high-achievement businesses by taking an end-to-end, process-based approach to address key business challenges, as well as working with clients to rapidly enhance the internal capabilities needed to continuously improve operational and innovation outcomes. Clients are kept up-to-date on new products and services that could be integrated into existing platforms to help them stay influential in their industries.

Even through the downturn of the last few years, companies have continued to invest significant sums in developing advanced technologies and the innovation processes required to deliver new products, processes and services to market.

However, despite this investment, a lack of clear insight into future market and scientific trends and ineffective operating models for R&D and innovation delivery, can leave companies falling behind as new technologies and fast moving competitors shape the market.

At Synchron, we help our clients transform their innovation performance by combining our technology knowledge with our expertise in strategy creation, product and technology development processes, and organizational development.

The fastest and most effective way to implement change and obtain results is to lay the proper foundation at the beginning of the process improvement project. To this end, a process improvement consultant works with your senior executive group to define the desired strategic outcomes that are to be achieved.

We will then involve key personnel in your organization to:

  1. Define the current situation
  2. Identify the root causes
  3. Develop the future vision to be achieved
  4. Construct and implement the tactical process improvement plan to achieve the goals

Our services are focused on maximizing the growth of our clients' businesses by:

  • Developing compelling innovation and technology strategies
  • Improving innovation performance
  • Succeeding with open innovation:
  • Identifying new opportunities through technology fore- sighting
  • Creating a culture of innovation