Leadership and Talent Management

In these remarkably challenging times, getting this right may well be the difference between success and failure. We understand what world class talent looks like and the difference it can make in reducing uncertainty and providing a real competitive edge.

Our bar is deliberately high. We are determined to ensure that our clients have the leadership in place that will provide high impact thinking, drive significant enterprise change, attract and develop outstanding people and consistently deliver extraordinary results.

Measures of an effective talent management system come down to whether a company has the talent needed to execute their business strategy. And the signs of a faltering system are readily apparent:

  1. Failing to meet business targets or objectives
  2. Shortages of key talent
  3. Talent management a low corporate priority
  4. Employee morale and satisfaction on the wane
  5. Problems recruiting employees
  6. Problems retaining employees
  7. A tarnished employment brand

Synchron Leadership Management Services:

For leadership transformation to be successful, companies must align behind the strategy and develop strategic competencies and capabilities to execute the strategy at all levels:

  • Organizational
  • Team
  • Individual

Given the changing nature of work and its growing interdependencies, it is not enough to be a good leader; one also needs to be a good team member. CEOs are realizing that the companies' success rests on the ability to work collaboratively as opposed to competitively and they are making these expectations known.

To accelerate this leadership transformation, Synchron takes an integrated approach which includes:

  1. Assisting CEOs in enhancing the effectiveness of their teams through research-based interventions
  2. Developing companies' management and leadership talent at all levels of the organization
  3. Providing individual coaching to leaders and professionals in critical positions.

Synchron Talent Management Services:

We offer a suite of related services in support of your talent management efforts. We are happy to serve as a sounding board to your thinking, benchmark your current leadership processes against industry best practices, play a facilitating role in building a business case for action or engage your colleagues in a candid discussion of talent needs. We welcome the chance to explore how we might best add value.

  • We assess, align and develop high performance teams- ensuring that members achieve breakthrough results.
  • We can engage your Board of Directors in a self evaluation process to gauge their overall effectiveness and provide objective perspective.
  • We can assist you in implementing a proactive approach to executive on-boarding and integration that assimilates your new leaders quickly and successfully.
  • We frequently facilitate high level off-site meetings and conferences, including rigorous strategic planning sessions.