IT Governance

Synchron IT Governance helps IT organizations deliver on business expectations by aligning projects, applications and resources--improving your ability to manage costs, make better investment decisions and deliver more value to the bottom line.

Our IT Governance practice delivers metrics on IT applications' health, cost and business value and insight into current initiatives, resources, workload and new requests. Many IT Governance challenges stand in the way of IT delivering on business expectations:

  1. Missed delivery dates and overspent budgets
  2. No collective view of the demand for IT services
  3. Misperception of IT as purely a cost center, due to lack of relevant metrics.

Core Components of our IT Governance Practice

  • IT Governance Consulting- expert guidance in structures, processes, metrics, industry frameworks and related best practices.
  • IT Portfolio Management- a model to weigh risks and values for both strategic business initiatives and operational demand
  • Program and Demand Management- focus process improvement efforts toward the most promising areas, in light of current organizational challenges
  • ITPM Maturity Assessment- analyzes current maturity level and identifies gaps.