Data Management and Business Intelligence

Our Data Management and Business Intelligence practice will help you improve your data quality, resulting in more accurate information, increased performance and better business decisions. Our solutions generate real ROI as they target hard opportunities for improving the completeness, cleanliness, consistency and currency of your information assets.

Synchron will help you transform your data into a strategic asset and overcome all the entanglements as a result of poor data quality, data formats and inconsonant tools. With our Data Management and Business Intelligence solutions, you can:

  • Cut reporting processes from weeks to a few seconds
  • View sales results on demand
  • Dynamically view the impact of sales results on financial forecasts, as they occur
  • Uncover business trends and exceptions before your competitors.

Core Components of the our Data Management and Business Intelligence Practice

  • Data Governance- evaluates and improves current data management practices
  • Data Quality- address root causes of poor data quality and integrity
  • Master Data Management- plan delivery of trusted business data
  • Data Integration- streamline data architecture and integration processes
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence- support information views and analytics to make data a business asset.