Strategy Consulting

Synchron helps business leaders devise strategies that respond to the threats and opportunities created by a business world which has changed fundamentally.

To succeed, business leaders will need to make radical changes to their strategy. This will not be easy, given the uncertainty over the trajectory of the recovery. However, that uncertainty does not remove the need to act, as the winners will be those who quickly find a way through the confusion.

Our consultants provide an objective analysis of your organization's strategic needs and outlook to meet the rapidly changing IT world. Our experts bring a fresh perspective to your business processes and offer a neutral observation that may help optimize the effectiveness of your current staff and infrastructure. We offer the following services to optimize your company's IT:

  1. Growth Strategy
  2. Organizational Strategy
  3. Strategic Leadership
  4. Merger and Acquisition Strategy
  5. Investment Strategy
  6. Business Model Innovation
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility
  9. Pricing Strategy
  10. Strategic Risk Management

We work with large organizations to get them off on the right course. Our services in this area help clients to:

  • Develop practical strategies that directly support their organization's vision and objectives
  • Align their organization with their strategic agenda
  • Develop strategic plans that are executable within the organization's constraints
  • Innovate with new ways to do business

Core Values of Synchron Strategy consulting practice:

  • Plan Development
  • Testing the plan
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

We understand that effective leaders must manage multiple objectives simultaneously. We work with clients to develop strategies that balance these objectives while satisfying all constraints. The combination of our firm's experience in implementing transformation and in making innovation a way of life is helping our clients succeed and thrive.